Special requests

We would ask guests with food intolerances or allergies to inform us when booking. The chef will be happy to comply with your wishes. On some ships this may incur an extra charge, depending on your dietary requirements. There is no extra charge for vegetarian meals.

Children on board

In principle, the cycling and ship holidays in the flat landscape are also suitable for families with children, even though they are not specially designed as family holidays. On some trips you have the choice of making a longer or shorter excursion, or you can spend some days on board if you do not wish to overextend your children. On cycling holidays with a sailing ship, children and adults can take part in sailing the ship, under guidance, and join in actively with life on board. Helmets are obligatory in Austria for children under 12; we recommend expressly that helmets should also be worn in other countries.


We can provide bicycles with different frame sizes. If you are planning to hire a bicycle, please tell us your height when booking. The saddle height can then be adjusted on board. E-bikes can be booked on many journeys upon request.

Own bicycles

You can bring your own bicycle on almost all holidays, instead of hiring one. There are just a few ships on which bicycles must be hired, as there is not enough space for any other bicycles. More information can be found in each of the individual holiday descriptions. In principle neither the ship’s owner not the event organiser are liable for any damages, loss or theft with regard to your own bicycle.


Cycling tours are at your own risk.

We reserve the right to change prices.