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General information about cycling & boating holidays

Answers to frequently asked questions

A vacation with bike and boat, that’s relaxation. No desire to stress about carrying your luggage every day or having to move to a different accommodation?
Then our bike cruises are perfect for you. Day trips by bike in a group, in pairs or alone, it’s all possible. On our boat and bike cruises you will discover varied cycling routes, beautiful landscapes and lively cities. On our bike cruises, you can enjoy new cycling routes every day without any worries.

Do you cycle in a group or alone? 

On bicycle cruises indicated with individual bike tours, you will cycle daily cycling routes without a cycling guide. You will receive detailed map material ( printed and also almost always as GPS tracks ) and general information about the bike route. Before you leave, the tour leader, on board, will give you information about the daily program, schedule and meeting points. The tour leader is during the day available by phone and will help in case of any problems.

On bicycle cruises that are indicated by guided bike tours, you cycle in company with a group. On large ships, groups are often split up. On Bike cruises with guided bike tours, you don’t have to worry about routes. You can also cycle these tours individually ( or one day individually and then again together with the group ).

On some days the ship leaves in the evening, this to sail to another bert or to stay overnight. In that case, a time will be arranged for you to meet back at the ship so that the ship can set sail.

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Catering on board

The riverboats and sailing ships are equipped with a modern hotel kitchen, where fresh food is cooked daily. Guests with food intolerances or allergies are requested to inform us immediately when booking. The cook will be happy to meet your requirements.
Depending on the dietary requirements, some ships may charge a supplement, this is usually around 50,- per week and per person. There is no extra charge for vegetarian meals.
For the bike tours, you will receive a packed lunch, which you either put together yourself or which has already been prepared.

What are the requirements?

The cycling routes of most bike and boat tours are easy to do, as the landscape is very flat. Almost all tours are therefore also well suited for people who cycle a little less frequently. The daily routes are between 25 and 60 kilometers long. On some days there is also a possibility to extend or shorten the tours.
For cycling tours with higher fitness requirements the length of the route is adjusted. You will find more detailed information about this in the route descriptions.
For individual bike tours you will receive information material and maps for the daily bike tours, which will be explained by the tour leader on board before the tour.
On guided bike tours, the group cycles with a guide who knows the area. During all bike tours there are breaks for sightseeing or a picnic. The ship usually docks in the city center or near the center, so you can take an evening walk in the city.

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What does your day look like?

In the morning, the friendly crew serves a hearty cycling breakfast, usually in the form of a buffet. Everyone can prepare a packed lunch of bread, fruit, a snack and a drink.
After breakfast, you go ashore and start your bicycle tour. The daily cycling routes are chosen so that there is always time for sightseeing and breaks. At an agreed meeting point in the afternoon or evening you will return on board. You will be welcomed with a cup of coffee and/or tea. In the evening the cook will serve a three-course dinner or buffet. Drinks are available at the ship’s bar. If you want to relax between days, stay on board and make it yourself comfortable on the deck or in the lounge.
Cabins on almost all ships are equipped with private shower/toilet and comfortable beds. The friendly and helpful crew will take care of you on board.

Is there a dress code on board? 

Bike and boat cruises, also taken as bicycle cruises, differ in terms of dress code. The focus of the trip is on bicycle tours, thus the trip has a sporty character. During the day, it is the best to be dressed in a cycling outfit. During dinner you will feel more comfortable in normal everyday clothing, casual.  The basic rule is: you should feel comfortable on board. For the farewell evening, most guests on larger ships still bring a neat blouse or dress. 

Are bike and boat cruise suitable for children? 

In principle, bike and boat cruises are also suitable for families with children. However, the bike tours are not designed as special family tours. With some bike tours, you have the choice of doing a shorter or longer bike tour, or there is the option of staying on board. On sailing ship bike tours, children and adults can help with the sailing under supervision and thus be active on board as well. In Austria wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory for children under 12 years of age, but we also recommend wearing a bicycle helmet in all other countries.

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How does it work with the rental bikes? 

We offer bikes in different frame sizes. If you would like to reserve a rental bike, please let us know your body height when making your reservation. The seat height will then be adjusted on board. Bikes with a coaster brake are not available on all cycle tours – information of the type of rental bike can be found in the trip description under: Dates, Prices and Booking. 

Can we bring our own bikes? 

On almost all trips it is possible to bring your own bike, instead of booking a rental bike. On the price pages of the individual trips you will find if there is a surcharge for bringing your own bike. On a few ships, the own bikes are rented out, so there is hardly any parking space for additional bikes. The crew handles the bikes with care, but because the bikes have to be taken off the ship and loaded back on every day, unfortunately scratches etc. cannot be completely excluded. In principle, the owner/organizer of the ship is not liable for damage, loss or theft of one’s bike. 

Do you need travel insurance? 

We would be happy to advise you on travel cancellation insurance with or without a deductible, annual insurance or an all-round carefree package.