Cycling Holidays in Portugal

Cycling holidays in Portugal: Breathtaking landscapes, stunning coastline and culinary delights

Cycling holidays with pre-booked hotels and convenient luggage transport
Discover Portugal on an unforgettable cycling holiday and experience the breathtaking landscapes, a stunning coastline and the culinary delights. Enjoy an individual cycling holiday with comfortable hotels and convenient luggage transfer. Explore the diversity of this beautiful country, cycle along the impressive coastline, climb picturesque hills and explore charming villages. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Portugal and experience an unforgettable cycling holiday.

Atlantic Coast Portugal: Along golden sandy beaches and fishing villages

Portugal Cycling Holiday

8 Days from/to Porto     POR

Cycling trip along the Portuguese Atlantic coast. From Galicia / Spain south through fishing villages, national parks, along the golden beaches and ancient salt mines. Enjoy cultural highlights and relaxed hospitality.

Price from: € 1059,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
252-325 kms /157-202 miles Self-guided

Douro Valley: Wine, nature and traditions in a World Heritage region

Portugal Dourotal

7 Days from/to Porto     DUO

Fascinating bike tour with luggage transport through the UNESCO World Heritage region of Douro valley. Biking along the wine terraces with possibility of wine tasting and visits at olive oil producers.

Price from: € 1194,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
219-267 kms /136-166 miles Self-guided

Short Break - Cycling Lisbon

Portugal: Citytour Lisbon

4 Days from/to Lisbon     PCL

Enjoy the fantastic life of Lisbon while exploring Cycling Holidays in Portugal. Visit some of the main landmarks of Portuguese Discoveries

Price from: € 840,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 3  |  E-Bikes available
78-108 kms /49-67 miles Self-guided

Cycling Atlantic Route Porto to Nazaré

Portugal: Citytour Lisbon

9 Days from Porto to Nazaré     PAP

Enjoy the fantastic life of Porto while exploring Cycling Holidays in Portugal. Discover incredible sights upon the coast and the best beaches in the northwest coast

Price from: € 1450,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
291-316 kms /180-196 miles Self-guided

Cycling Algarve Coast: Cape St. Vicente - Vila Real St. Antonio

Portugal: Cycling Algarve Coast

8 Days from Sagres to Vila Real St. Antonio      PAC

This great route runs along the Algarve coast line, allowing you to visit many of the coastal towns and cities in the Algarve and also trace various paths of nature.

Price from: € 890,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210 kms / miles Self-guided

Lisbon to Sagres: Cycling along the Atlantic Coast of Portugal

Cycling along the Atlantic Coast

8 Days from Lisbon to Sagres     PLS

A tour full of highlights: The vibrant capital Lisbon, beaches at Costa da Caparica, Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, fishing villages and many stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Price from: € 690,-

Accommodation: 3*/4* Hotels
Level 3  |  E-Bikes available
330 kms / miles Self-guided

Porto to Coimbra: Culture Heritage, nature and fishing villages

Porto to Coimbra

7 Days from Porto to Coimbra     COI

An incredible ride between two medieval cities filled with History secrets. Taste, smell, meet and bask in the sun as you cycle gently along some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe.

Price from: € 994,-

Level  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms /133 miles Self-guided

Picturesque rides between traditional Porto and romantic Lisbon

Cycling holiday Porto to Lisbon

8 Days from Porto to Lisbon     LIS

The Porto to Lisbon biking holiday is a delightful tour linking the two main towns of Portugal and visiting several main cultural spots while cycling along nature and scenic coastal trails.

Price from: € 1169,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level  |  E-Bikes available
302 kms /188 miles Self-guided

Minho and Porto: Green Portugal from the mountains to the sea

Portugal cycle tours  Minho Porto

8 Days from/to Porto     MIO

From the mountains of the National Park Gerês down to the Atlantic to Porto. Experience the traditions of this ancient wine region, accompanied by the rivers Minho, Lima and Douro.

Price from: € 894,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
250-310 kms /155-193 miles Self-guided

Cycling holidays in Portugal: Beautiful nature and unforgettable accommodations.

Discover Portugal at its best: Cycle along 850 kilometres of coastline with golden sandy beaches. Immerse yourself in beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes on your cycling holiday: 22% of Portugal's territory is part of the Natura 2000 network. Taste fantastic Portuguese cuisine: Portugal is famous for its delicious fish and seafood. You are welcome to visit many wineries. More than 30 wine regions produce a variety of excellent wines. You'll visit historic sites by bike and stay in unforgettable accommodation. Portugal is rated by CNNTravel as one of the 10 friendliest countries in the world.

Our cycling tours stretch from the "Peneda-Geres" national nature reserve high in the mountains on the Spanish border through the Atlantic coast of northern Portugal to the southern Algarve coast, again to the Spanish border. Porto, Lisbon and Sagres are lively and culturally interesting cities worth visiting, either before or after your cycling holiday.

Cycling in Portugal means cycling in the sun, discovering culture and nature, enjoying delicious Portuguese meals and discovering Portuguese hospitality. Vemo-nos em Portugal: See you in Portugal!