Tour on two wheels in true Dutch style  

Flemish Beers Route

Flemish Beers Route

8 Days from/to Genk     BIE

During your trip you discover the origin of some of the best Belgian beers and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while cycling. The forests of Brabant, heathland and monasteries are on your way.

Price from: € 669,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
375 kms /234 miles Self-guided

Highlights of North Flanders

Belgium North Flandern cycle tours

8 Days from/to Mechelen     NOF

A beautiful bike tour through the northernmost provinces of Belgium: Antwerp and the Flemish Brabant. Green nature, canals and forests accompany you.

Price from: € 719,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
290 kms /181 miles Self-guided

Atlantic Coast Portugal: Along golden sandy beaches and fishing villages

Portugal Cycling Holiday

8 Days from/to Porto     POR

Cycling trip along the Portuguese Atlantic coast. From Galicia / Spain south through fishing villages, national parks, along the golden beaches and ancient salt mines. Enjoy cultural highlights and relaxed hospitality.

Price from: € 955,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
252-325 kms /157-202 miles Self-guided

Highlights Around Brussels

Highlights Around Brussels bike tours

8 Days from/to Mechelen     RUB

A beautiful bike tour through the 'center of Belgium'. Start in Mechelen, a beautiful city between Brussels and Antwerp. The art cities of Ghent and Brussels are further highlights.

Price from: € 689,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
334 kms /207 miles Self-guided

West Vlanders & North Sea Coast

cycling holidays West Flanders

8 Days from/to Veurne     WES

Discover the most beautiful places in the Flemish countryside behind the dunes in the triangle Panne, Kortrijk and Bruges. The routes lead along the canals, the coast, through forest and fields.

Price from: € 649,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
275 kms /171 miles Self-guided

Romantic Castles of the Loire in France

Castles of the Loire in France

8 Days from/to Tours     LOI

Enjoy cycling in France and discover the romantic castles along the Loire and its tributaries. One of the most popular regions for cyclists in France.

Price from: € 798,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
362 kms /225 miles Self-guided

Minho and Porto: Green Portugal from the mountains to the sea

Portugal cycle tours  Minho Porto

8 Days from/to Porto     MIO

From the mountains of the National Park Gerês down to the Atlantic to Porto. Experience the traditions of this ancient wine region, accompanied by the rivers Minho, Lima and Douro.

Price from: € 829,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
250-310 kms /155-193 miles Self-guided

Cycling Holiday Dordogne & Perigord

Cycling Holiday Dordogne & Perigord

8 Days from/to Souillac     DOR

Explore the treasures of the Dordogne by bicycle: castles, medieval towns and the prehistoric caves around Les Eyzies. Shorter cycle tours with time for sightseeing.

Price from: € 725,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
143 kms /88 miles Self-guided

Douro Valley: Wine, nature and traditions in a World Heritage region

Portugal Dourotal

7 Days from/to Porto     DUO

Fascinating bike tour with luggage transport through the UNESCO World Heritage region of Douro valley. Biking along the wine terraces with possibility of wine tasting and visits at olive oil producers.

Price from: € 1109,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
219-267 kms /136-166 miles Self-guided

Cycling from Paris to Mont Saint Michel

Cycling from Paris to Mont Saint Michel

10 Days from Paris to St. Malo     PAR

Enjoy the culture, gorgeous landscapes and historic parks on your self-guided cycling trip between Paris and Mont Saint Michel, the magic monastery island.

Price from: € 1389,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
474 kms /295 miles Self-guided

The Highlights from the North of Burgundy

North of Burgundy cycling holidays

8 Days from/to Auxerre     NBUR

Some of the most beautiful villages of France you cross during this cycling holiday through northern Burgundy. The wine region around Chablis, towns like Noyers and Vézelay are just some of the highlights.

Price from: € 759,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
208 kms /129 miles Self-guided

Castles & Wine Growery in South Burgundy

South of Burgundy cycle tours

8 Days from/to Dijon     SBUR

Self-guided cycling holiday through a cultural landscape protected by the UNESCO: the wine region of Burgundy with medieval villages and the beautiful wine yards. A feast for all senses...

Price from: € 918,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
258 kms /160 miles Self-guided

Star tour of Münster:
Park Landscape and Moated Castles

Bike Star tour of Mnster

5 Days from/to Münster     WST

In the park landscape of the green Münsterland you discover the typical Westphalia on picturesque cycle routes. City tour with overnight stays in the capital of bicycles: Münster.

Price from: € 399,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
275 kms /170 miles Self-guided

Adige Cycling Tour - Nauders to Verona

Adige Cycling Tour  Nauders to Verona

9 Days from Nauders to Verona     ETS

The cycling holiday on the Adige between Reschenmeer and Lake Garda is recommended to all cyclists who want to carefree ride through an almost always flat landscape.

Price from: € 759,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
300 kms / miles Self-guided

Adige Cycling Tour - Nauders to Verona classic

Adige Cycling Tour  Nauders to Verona classic

8 Days from Nauders to Verona     ET2

The Etschradweg from Lake Reschen to Lake Garda is recommended to all cyclists who want to carefree ride through the almost flat landscape through a fantastic landscape.

Price from: € 590,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
329 kms / miles Self-guided

Back to the Dutch Golden Age:
Star Tour Netherlands

Back to the Dutch Golden Age

5 Days from/to Volendam     3GOL

This unique cycling holiday offers a short or longer voyage of discovery through the Golden Age in the province of Noord-Holland. Discover places from previous centuries when you cycle through the flat polder landscape and idyllic villages.

Price from: € 389,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
95 kms /59 miles Self-guided

Cycling Tour along the Lithuanian Seaside

Cycling Tour along the Lithuanian Seaside

8 Days from/to Klaipeda     SG1

8 days self guided bike tour from Klaipeda. Discover the Baltic Sea coast visiting Palanga Resort and the Curonian Spit National Park, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Price from: € 499,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
270 kms /168 miles Self-guided

Round trip of South Westphalia:
Rivers. Castles. Münsterland

Bike Round trip of South Westphalia

7 Days from/to Münster     WRS

Discover the beauty of Münsterland's park landscape and the many moated castles on your bike ride. Rivers, forests and meadows will accompany you on Münsterland's characteristic "Pättkes".

Price from: € 679,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
198-260 kms /123-162 miles Self-guided

Westmünsterland and Holland
Castles and moors in the green border region

Bike Round trip of South Westphalia

8 Days from/to Münster     GRE

The fascinating border region of Münsterland, Twente and the County of Bentheim are characterised by their diverse landscape featuring heather, hedgerows, forests and moors.

Price from: € 749,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
331 kms /206 miles Self-guided

Tulip Tour North Holland: Alkmaar, beach and polderland

Tulip Tour North Holland

5 Days from/to Castricum     TUL

Not far from Amsterdam, behind the dunes, the tulip fields blossoming in the spring spread all around the village of Castricum.

Price from: € 409,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotel
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
148 kms /92 miles Self-guided

Porto to Coimbra: Culture Heritage, nature and fishing villages

Porto to Coimbra

7 Days from Porto to Coimbra     COI

An incredible ride between two medieval cities filled with History secrets. Taste, smell, meet and bask in the sun as you cycle gently along some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe.

Price from: € 949,-

Level  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms /133 miles Self-guided

Picturesque rides between traditional Porto and romantic Lisbon

Cycling holiday Porto to Lisbon

8 Days from Porto to Lisbon     LIS

The Porto to Lisbon biking holiday is a delightful tour linking the two main towns of Portugal and visiting several main cultural spots while cycling along nature and scenic coastal trails.

Price from: € 1115,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level  |  E-Bikes available
302 kms /188 miles Self-guided

Cycling Algarve Coast: Cape St. Vicente - Vila Real St. Antonio

Portugal: Cycling Algarve Coast

8 Days from Sagres to Vila Real St. Antonio      PAC

This great route runs along the Algarve coast line, allowing you to visit many of the coastal towns and cities in the Algarve and also trace various paths of nature.

Price from: € 560,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210 kms / miles Self-guided

Lisbon to Sagres: Cycling along the Atlantic Coast of Portugal

Cycling along the Atlantic Coast

8 Days from Lisbon to Sagres     PLS

A tour full of highlights: The vibrant capital Lisbon, beaches at Costa da Caparica, Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, fishing villages and many stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Price from: € 790,-

Level  |  E-Bikes available
330 kms / miles Self-guided

North Holland: Between dunes, tulips and De Beemster

North Holland Cycling Holidays

7 Days from/to Volendam     NOH

Discover North Holland and the island of Texel. Many of Holland’s highlights await on this cycling and hotel excursion: Dunes, windmills along the way, fields of tulips and the wonderful island of Texel.

Price from: € 679,-

Accommodation: 3*-4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
260-288 kms /162-179 miles Self-guided

Star tour of Arnhem: Hoge Veluwe
Kröller-Müller - River Rhine

Star tour of Arnhem, Holland Bike Tours

5 Days from/to Arnhem     VEL

From a comfortable hotel on the green outskirts of Arnhem and the edge of the Veluwe, you will discover an attractive cycling region

Price from: € 359,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotel
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
150-220 kms /93-137 miles Self-guided

Star tour Den Haag - Rotterdam
City. Beach. Culture

Den Haag cycling Holidays

5 Days from/to Den Haag     4DHS

City, beach, culture: discover some of the most beautiful cities in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. The Hague, Rotterdam as well as Delft are connected by bike paths of unparalleled beauty.

Price from: € 329,- (5 days)

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
126 kms /79 miles Self-guided

Round trip of Amsterdam
City. Nature. Culture

Bike Round trip of Amsterdam

8 Days from/to Volendam     RAM

Enjoy a great mix of city centre and countryside cycling, clocking up must-see museums, monuments and galleries and discovering picture-perfect polders, lakes and rivers as you pedal from highlight to hot-spot.

Price from: € 769,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
209 kms /130 miles Self-guided

Lanzarote: The Land of the Volcanoes

Cycle track Lanzarote

8 Days from Costa Teguise to Arrecife     LAZ

Price from: € 908,-

Accommodation: 4*-5*-Hotels
Level  |  E-Bikes available
196-284 kms /122-177 miles Self-guided

Windmill Cycle Tour Holland
This is pure Holland for you.

Windmill Cycle Tour Holland

6 Days from/to Utrecht     6MUL

6 days bike tour with hotel accommodation: Via Utrecht, windmills near Kinderdijk, Dordrecht near the nature reserve Biesbosch and Gouda, famous for its delicious cheese and historic buildings

Price from: € 490,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms /133 miles Self-guided

Star Tour Zeeland
Duinhotel Burgh Haamstede

Zeeland Province

6 Days from/to Burgh-Haamstede     6SZE

6 Days Cycle tour with hotel accomodation. You stay in a nice hotel near the sandy beaches of Zeeland. Discover the coast and beautiful cities by bike.

Price from: € 485,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
215 kms /134 miles Self-guided

Frisian Towns & Lakes
Peaceful wide open green spaces

Frisian Towns and Lakes

6 Days from/to Heerenveen     6FRI

6 Days Cycle tour with hotel accomodation. Cities, countyside and lakes in the Frisian Lake District. Each day a trip on good cycle tracks to discover a charming landscape and historic cities and villages.

Price from: € 505,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
226 kms /140 miles Self-guided

Green Heart of Holland:
Countryside and Big Cities

Windmills Holland

5 Days from/to Utrecht     5GRH

5 Days easy cycle tour with many highlights. Via Utrecht, Amsterdam and Gouda. Beautiful cycle tracks through the green polder landscape and along the romantic river Vecht.

Price from: € 415,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
202 kms /126 miles Self-guided

Amsterdam - Bruges: Diverse Scenery and Charming Towns

Bike Holiday Amsterdam  Bruges

8 Days from Amsterdam to Bruges     8AMB

A wonderful 8-days cycling holiday through the Netherlands down into Belgium, past towns, villages, canals on high-quality cycling paths. You will visit Gouda, Willemstad, Zierikzee, Middelburg, Vlissingen and more...

Price from: € 715,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
320 kms /199 miles Self-guided

Altmühl Cycle Track:
Medieval Cities & Romantic Rivers

Altmhl Cycle Trrack

8 Days from Rothenburg to Regensburg     8ALT

Explore the romantic Altmühl Valley and cycle along the beautiful riverbanks of the Altmühl and the green farmland. From the medieval city of Rothenburg o.d. Tauber to Regensburg, a city with a rich history.

Price from: € 519,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
290 kms /180 miles Self-guided

You may also like bike cruises on the Dutch waterways:

Accomodation on a comfortable sailing ship or a river cruiser.
Enjoy the landscape and cities by bike and boat.

Italy: Aeolian Archipelago - Bike, Hike & Boat.

Bike & Boat Aeolian Archipelago

8 Days from/to Catania/Milazzo to Milazzo/Catania    AEO

Let yourself be enchanted by this spectacular cruise in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. You will discover the pearls of Sicily, the extraordinary Aeolian islands, in a new and different way.

Price from: € 1285,-

Accommodation: Sundial
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
79 kms /49 miles Guided

Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast: Bike & Boat Tyrrhenian Sea

Amalfi Coast Guided bike tours

8 Days from/to Castellammare    ALF

A wonderful journey on land and on water, searching the natural treasures and cultural heritage spotted along the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples.

Price from: € 1315,-

Accommodation: Caique Deriya Deniz
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
93 kms /58 miles Guided

Best of Holland
Dutch Highlights by Bike and Barge

Best of Holland

8 Days from/to Amsterdam    BES

This tour with the premium barges Magnifique, Magnifique II and Magnifique III combines many highlights and gives you a fantastic impression of characteristic Holland.

Price from: € 1279,-

Accommodation: Magnifique
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
193-278 kms /120-172 miles Self-guided

Bike Cruise Croatia: Island Hopping with Guided Bike Tours

Bike Cruise Croatia

8 Days from/to Opatija    CR1

Experience a cruise through the enchanting islands of the Adriatic Sea combined with beautiful bike tours. Crystal clear sea, secluded beaches and small coastal towns are waiting for you.

Price from: € ,-

Accommodation: Cruiser
Level 2-4  |  E-Bikes available
159-225 kms / miles Guided

South Dalamatia: the smallest and most sparsely populated region

8 Days from/to Trogir    DAA

Enchanting cycle tours in Southern Dalmatia, which is the smallest and most sparsely populated region of Croatia. The boat & bike stages will take us past unique little towns and the beautiful island countryside.

Price from: € 990,-

Accommodation: Cruiser
Level 3-4  |  E-Bikes available
225 kms / miles Guided

Danube Delta: stunning beauty of Europe's last natural paradise

Danube Delta

8 Days from/to Bukarest    DON

The tour takes you through the Danube Delta in Romania - the second largest and best preserved of Europe's deltas. A real discovery tour through a stunning wild and romantic landscape and little pristine villages.

Price from: € 1099,-

Accommodation: Floating Hotel
Level 2  | 
107-149 kms /66-92 miles Guided

Danube Bike Trail: Passau - Vienna - Bratislava - Passau

Danube Bike Trail

8 Days from/to Passau    DWT

Gently downhill, you are experiencing the gorgeous landscape of the Danube river valley and famous cities as Bratislava and Vienna.

Price from: € 599,-

Accommodation: MS Theodor Korner
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
150-213 kms /93-132 miles Self-guided

Istria Bike Cruise: Experience the Heart of Europe

Istria Bike Cruise

8 Days from/to Pula    IST

Istria: this is where Central Europe and the world of Mediterranean meet. On this one week tour we explore the most popular part of the Croatian coast.

Price from: € 990,-

Accommodation: Tarin
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
240 kms /150 miles Guided

Along Rhine & Neckar: Explore the valleys of Rhine and Neckar

Along Rhine & Neckar

8 Days from/to Koblenz to Bad Wimpfen    KOB

A beautiful and unique cycling tour and cruise. Explore the famous river valleys of Rhine and Neckar. Gentle touring by bike along flat cycle tracks and minor roads.

Price from: € 849,-

Accommodation: MS Patria
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
230 kms /143 miles Self-guided

Islandhopping Kvarner Bay: Green hills and rocky moon landscapes

Kvarner Bay

8 Days from/to Omisalj    KVA

Enjoy a relaxed week on the MS Linda, guided bike tours and every day new experiences on this round trip through the Islands of the Kvarner Bay.

Price from: € 990,-

Accommodation: Linda
Level 3-4  |  E-Bikes available
175 kms /109 miles Guided

Cycling Cruise: Islandhopping Kvarner Bay PLUS

Islandhopping Kvarner Bay

8 Days from/to Omisalj    KVP

What an awesome adventure and unforgettable way to experience the wild and wonderful sights of Croatia. Enjoy the cycle tours with our sporty E-Bikes.

Price from: € 1190,-

Accommodation: MS Andela Lora
Level 3-4  |  E-Bikes available
222 kms /138 miles Guided

Flandres: Bruges - Brussels

Bruges  Brussels bike holidays

8 Days from/to Bruges to Brussels    MA3

Boat & Bike Tour from Bruges to Brussels. Historic cities and highlights of Flanders

Price from: € 919,-

Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
270 kms /168 miles Guided

From Cologne to Mainz: Romantic Riverbanks along the Rhine

cycle tours along the Rhine

8 Days from/to Cologne to Mainz    MAK

Follow the Rhine through a charming hilly landscape, with castles, palaces and lovingly designed half-timbered houses.

Price from: € 899,-

Accommodation: MS Olympia
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms /133 miles Self-guided

Bike & Sail North Sea Islands
Island Hopping and Frisian Lakes

North Sea Islands

8 Days from/to Enkhuizen    MFF

Explore the unique North Sea Islands by bike. And aboard one of the most luxurious sailing ships of the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea, you can enjoy the pure nature, water, sun and a stiff breeze.

Price from: € 899,-

Accommodation: Mare fan Fryslan
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
165 kms /103 miles Self-guided

Islandhopping Southern Dalmatia Plus with bike and boat

Southern Dalmatia

8 Days from/to Trogir    DAP

Boat and Bike tours with a special comfort: Easy cycling with E-Bikes (or touring bikes) and different PLUS extras.

Price from: € 1490,-

Accommodation: MS Princeza Diana | MS Melody
Level 3  |  E-Bikes available
222 kms /138 miles Guided

Boat & Bike Passau - Vienna - Passau
Easy cycling in charming Wachau

Boat & Bike Passau-Vienna

8 Days from/to Passau    NOW

Cycling holiday in Austria. Cycle through the impressive landscape and the UNESCO world heritage region Wachau. Easy cycling tours lead you through idyllic wineyards. Enjoy the typical products as the tasty apricot liqueur.

Price from: € 659,-

Accommodation: MS Normandie
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
200 kms /124 miles Self-guided

From Rotterdam to Zeeland: Beaches, Fishing Villages and Historic Towns

cycling holidays Rotterdam to Zeeland

8 Days from/to Rotterdam    OLY

The province of Zeeland is located in the west of the Netherlands and mostly consists of islands and peninsulas.

Price from: € 849,-

Accommodation: MS Olympia
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
238-271 kms /148-168 miles Self-guided

Boat & Bike Provence / Camargue in France

Boat & Bike Provence

8 Days from/to Aigues Mortes to Avignon    PRO

From the salt marshes of the Camargue to the famous wine regions around Avignon: The charming landscapes and villages of Provence and Camargue you can discover by bike and boat with choice of self-guided or guided cycling tours.

Price from: € 990,-

Accommodation: L'Estello / Soleo
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
260-293 kms /162-182 miles Guided

Bike Cruise Rhine: Cologne-Rotterdam or Rotterdam-Cologne

Bike Cruise Rhine

8 Days from/to Cologne to Rotterdam    ROK

The Lower Rhine Region has one of the most beautiful and largest cycle route networks in Europe.

Price from: € 999,-

Accommodation: MS Arkona
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
235 kms /146 miles Self-guided

Moselle & Saar: Beautiful river valleys, vineyards and towns

Moselle & Saar

8 Days from/to Saarburg to Koblenz    SBG

An easy boat-and-bike-tour along two rivers which wind through enchanting countryside with famous vineyards and beautiful middleaged cities. Start is in Koblenz or Saarburg.

Price from: € 499,-

Accommodation: MS Patria
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
242 kms /150 miles Self-guided

Along the river Rhine between Mainz and Straßbourg

river Rhine bike holidays

8 Days from/to Mainz to Straßbourg    STM

Enjoy this journey, on which you will cross the French-German border several times by bike. Both the French region of the Alsace and the German Black Forest area have many highlight to offer, very fine wine and delicious plates.

Price from: € 999,-

Accommodation: MS Olympia
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210 kms /130 miles Self-guided

South Holland: The "Green Heart"
Windmills & historical towns

South Holland holidays Windmills & historical towns

8 Days from/to Amsterdam    SUD

Beautiful polder landscape, cities of Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam. Including tour to the windmills of Kinderdijk.

Price from: € 749,-

Accommodation: De Amsterdam
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210-260 kms /130-162 miles Self-guided

Cycling holidays Holland: North Sea coast and IJsselmeer towns

North Holland holidays

8 Days from/to Amsterdam    NOR

Cycle tours with many highlights along the coast of North Holland, with North Sea Island Texel, beaches, cities of Amsterdam, Alkmaar and more.

Price from: € 699,-

Accommodation: De Holland
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
250 kms /155 miles Self-guided

Bavaria, biking through Europe's history Ship La Belle Fleur


7 Days from/to     BAY

A varied bike tour along the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and on the Altmühltal Cycle Path. At stages of about 40 km time to explore the many worth seeing cities.

Price from: € 949,-

Accommodation: MS La Belle Fleur
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms / miles Guided

Across the Rhône through the Lavender fields of Provence

8 Days from/to Lyon to Arles    LYA

Our new Bike and Barge Tour Via Rhôna is a level 2 bike tour that is situated in the south of France. We let our guests meet with the beautiful countryside of the Rhône valley, but also with cities founded by the Romans more than 2.000 years ago.

Price from: € 1649,-

Accommodation: MS Provence
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
241 kms /150 miles Self-guided

Hansa Highlights
Bike and barge Netherlands

Hansa Highlights

8 Days from/to Amsterdam    HAN

This tour leads you through a region that's one of the most beloved among Dutch cyclists. Come and explore it yourself, by bike and barge. Every day while cycling, you'll get to know more of its numerous historical cities, beautiful river landscapes and diverse natural areas.

Price from: € 699,-

Accommodation: MS De Nassau
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
248-293 kms /154-182 miles Guided

Cycling from Holland to Belgium
Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges

Cycling from Holland to Belgium

8 Days from/to Amsterdam to Bruges    MG1

Visit some of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Flanders: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges, where you still can feel the charm of the days long gone

Price from: € 1109,-

Accommodation: MS Magnifique II
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
278 kms /172 miles Guided

Tulip Tour with Boat & Bike
Colourful Spring around Amsterdam

cycling holidays holland Tulip Tours

5 Days from/to Amsterdam    TUP

A shorter bike cruise in spring hrough the flowering tulip fields of Holland. With a visit to the world famous Keukenhof, the Zaanse Schans Museum and Aalsmeer.

Price from: € 629,-

Accommodation: Cruise Ships
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
85 kms /53 miles Guided

Cycling Holidays in Holland & Flanders

There’s simply no way to get around more like a Dutchman than on a bicycle. So we’re delighted to share our Dutch enthusiasm and know-how for exploring things on two wheels through a great set of Cycle & Stay hotel touring holidays around the Netherlands and Belgium.

Choose from circular or linear hotel-to-hotel tours where your luggage is transported to your next stop each day, leaving you free to travel nice and light, or perhaps make a single hotel your base on our ‘Stars of the Dutch Golden Age’ tour and cycle out each day for a new day ride adventure.

In many regions, the beauty of the landscape can best be discovered by bike. But hardly any countries have a network of trails as well developed as the one in the Netherlands. The routes lead through the green, polder region, across drainage dykes, through forests and along small creeks. You can ride your bicycle totally enveloped by nature and really experience the prettiest sides of the Netherlands. On your bike tours through the countryside, you'll encounter lovely areas of shore-land with pollarded willows, wooden bridges over small canals, colourful tulip and vegetable fields and large bird and waterfowl populations. What's more, the next village is never usually far away.