Bike Cruise Moselle Lorraine

7 days / 6 nights | Ship: La Belle Fleur 

This journey takes you through the green countryside of the France Lorraine district. You cycle along well maintained bike paths, between the rivers Moselle and Meurthe, and you can enjoy as well the culture as the nature in this part of France.

Guided cycling tours: Departure dates 29.08., 26.09., 05.09., 03.10.20


Daily program Wasserbillig – Toul  (215–245 km / 134–152 miles)

Day 1 (Sat): Wasserbillig (Cycling 15 km / 9 miles)

The crew of la Belle Fleur welcomes you on board around 3 P.M. at the border village Wasserbillig. From here you will start a short bike trip along the river Sauer, which is a small border river that flows closely past the mooring place of the ship. On this trip, you will pass along several nice and cosy villages.

Day 2 (Sun): Wasserbillig – Remich (Cycling 35 km / 22 miles)

After breakfast, you will cycle to the pearl of the river Moselle “Remich”. On the way you can visit the small village of Ehnen. After a walk through the old streets and narrows alleys, you can continue your bike tour to the old roman villa in Nennig, where you can be amazed by the beautiful and well-kept tiles. After dinner you can join the group for a visit of the wine cellar St. Martin.

Day 3 (Mon): Remich – Sierck-les-Bains – Thionville (Cycling 40 km / 25 miles)

Today you will ride into France, and with that the scenery will change too. The narrow Moselle valley becomes flatter and wider. This gives you the opportunity to make a deeper acquaintance with the country. But before we leave Luxemburg we visit the small but famous village of Schengen. There were once one of the most important treaty’s
was signed, is now a European museum. But a visit to the Maginot-line is certainly also a part of the program today. The underground defence system stretches across the whole area, which
was meant to protect France, and at the same time make all facilities available for pure survival. In other words, you’ll be looking at a masterpiece of wartime architecture. When it is coffee time, La Belle Fleur expects you in Thionville; a city that was rich in metal industry, but today it is primarily a city of beautiful buildings, left behind by the

Day 4 (Tue): Thionville – Metz (Cycling 35 km / 22 miles)

The trip today takes you along the Moselle, where you can enjoy all that made this region so great. You ride past old steel factories and pumping-stations, across shady bike paths
to the very well-known city of Metz. In short, today is dedicated to industrial heritage, nature, and for the perfect finish; examples of great cultural achievements. Upon arrival
in Metz, you can also participate in a guided walk through the city, not just to admire the Centre Pompidou, but also the Cathedral and so much more. Or perhaps you would rather enjoy the ambiance at the many squares and terraces the city is proud of.

Day 5 (Wed): Metz – Pont-à-Mousson – Frouard (Cycling 25–55 km / 16–34 miles)

Now it’s time for a somewhat more adventurous trip, the old towpaths of the Moselle take you to the picturesque Pont-à-Mousson. Or you can stay on
board of La Belle Fleur and start your bike tour at PontàMousson. After a visit to this city, which has a typical character because it is situated on both banks of the Moselle, you’ll bike through an old canaled part of the Moselle. As you ride through, you will be amazed by the beauty of the area, as you eventually arrive at one of those typical quiet little French villages of Pompey. This village seems to have gone to sleep under the vicinity of Metz and Nancy, and perhaps that’s how it got it’s quite nature.

Day 6 (Thu): Frouard – Nancy – Liverdun (Cycling 30 km / 19 miles)

Today the cycle path leads you along the connecting channel between the Moselle and the Meurthe to Nancy. After a visit to this metropolitan city,
the tour continues to the old fortress-city of Liverdun. There, the La Belle Fleur will await you at an idyllic spot.

Day 7 (Fri): Liverdun – Toul

From Liverdun we cycle in the direction of Toul. A small, charming fortress-city with a rich history situated at the Moselle’s riverside. In the afternoon the crew says you goodbye around 2 P.M.

Itinerary from Toul – Wasserbillig Sat – Fri


Day 1: Anreise nach Toul
Day 2: Toul – Liverdun (Cycling 17 km /11 miles)
Day 3: Liverdun – Nancy –  Frouard (Cycling 30 km / 19 miles)
Day 4: Frouard – Pont-à-Mousson – Metz (Cycling 25–55 km/ 16–34 miles)
Day 5: Metz – Thionville (Cycling ca. 35 km / 22 miles)
Day 6: Thionville – Sierck-les-Bains – Remich (Cycling40 km / 25 miles)
Day 7: Remich – Wasserbillig (Cycling 35 km / 22 miles )

Please note: All cycling distances stated above are approximate only.