The Baltic Coastline by Bike

7 days / 6 nights | Lübeck – Stralsund | Self-guided cycling tours

It might very well be the most beautiful part of the German Baltic coast, this stretch of shoreline between Lübeck and Stralsund. Endless sandy white beaches, vast bird sanctuaries, imposing chalk cliffs and ancient forest live side by side caressed by the mellow surf of the Baltic. Along the way you will find yourself in picturesque seaside resorts like Heiligendamm, Kühlungsborn or Graal-Müritz, you will breathe fresh salty ocean or fragrant forest air, you will visit European history, “Hanseatic” history in fact, in towns like Lübeck and Rostock, Wismar or Stralsund. “Jump on” for a cheerful and invigorating tour on the most beautiful of German coastal bike routes?


Day 1: Arrival to Lübeck

You arrive late in the afternoon and receive your bicycles over an informal chat where you learn everything you need to know for the next few days. Marked as a UNESCO world heritage site the old part of town is an experience not to be missed. This former “Hanseatic Queen” will enchant you with its sights like the Holstentor or the Buddenbrook Haus.

Day 2: Lübeck – Wismar (Cycling 58 or 76 km / 37 or 49 miles)

The first leg takes you to Travemünde this morning. Want to go that “extra mile?” These 23 kilometers you can enjoy by bike or train. From the historical town on the estuary of the Trave you take the ferry to Priwall. From here you pedal through scenic countryside to the seaside resort of Bodenhagen. Along sandy white beaches and lapping clear waters you inhale a fresh breeze while you cycle along the bay of Wismar on your way to the city centre of one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Germany.

Day 3: Wismar – Kühlungsborn (Cycling 46 km / 28 miles)

Leaving striking harbour and Hanseatic city Wismar behind, you make your way toward the Baltic. “Mind” and “blowing” are words coming to mind this morning when the everchanging air of salty breezes and fragrant forests is your constant companion over rolling hills, past small woodlands and into shallow valleys through the “Kühlung.” Kühlungsborn is your goal today, “Green City on the Sea” and biggest seaside resort on the German Baltic coast.

Day 4: Kühlungsborn – Warnemünde / Rostock (Cycling 24–38 km / 16–24 miles)

The calming rumble of the breaking waves makes it easy to roll toward the “White City on the Sea.” Heiligendamm is neo-classical masterpiece and seaside resort in one! Since the very days of its foundation it has been regarded as the most beautiful of German seaside towns. Who says bigger is better? You will not want to leave! It is a leisurely ride along the coast when you carry on to Nienhagen and Warnemünde.

Day 5: Warnemünde / Rostock – Fischland / Darß (Cycling 32–57 km / 20–32 miles)

The peninsula is a unique and unforgettable experience with mile after mile of endless white beaches, wide expanses of reed grass, a bird sanctuary along its coastline and the ubiquitous woodlands along the waterfront. After a visit to the artists’ colony of Ahrenshoop you make your way along the coast to the seaside resort of Prerow.

Day 6: Fischland/Darß  – Stralsund: (Cycling 55 or 67 km / 34 or 41 miles)

Today you ride along the shallow bay of Barth, the “Bodden” on your way to Stralsund. You think Holland is flat? The views seem endless across the bay, the scenery blurs the lines between land and sea, between heaven and earth. Like countless seafarers and travelers before you will follow the striking bell towers of the Marien Church to lead the way to this magnificent city. A leisurely stroll into town and across the central market this evening will make you appreciate why Stralsund is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. From Zingst to Barth can be shortened by ferry (about 12 km).

Day 7: Hanseatic City Stralsund

It’s a change of footwear this morning as you discover Stralsund on foot! A relaxed walking tour will let you appreciate the remarkable brick architecture with their colourful “Bürger”
houses, which until this day lets you imagine the former wealth and glory of Hanseatic times. Every journey draws to an end, so afterward it is the return home or the possibility of an individual extension.


Extra Tip
… you fancy a seaside holiday with individual layovers? During this trip you have the opportunity to add individual days for breaks at every overnight stay. You can extend your cycling trip with beach and leisure days of your choice.